A Contemporary Artist 



       I was born in the tropical climate of the Philippines. My family arrived in Canada on a snowy day in April of 1996.

When I saw snow for the very first time, my life and view of the world was changed  forever. It was then, expanded to different seasons and feelings that came with changing weather. My family settled in inner Toronto where I was further introduced to new people, food and various cultures. It was a lot to get used to. Language provided a huge  barrier between myself and everyone I met. I was lost between two worlds. Despite that, I fell in love with change, diversity, unpredictability and at the same time stability of the world around me.

Why I Paint


I paint because it brings me a lot of joy and excitement and also it is a way for me to document my creative journey as an artist.

What I Paint

My paintings are often a representation of the emotional connection to urban life and landscapes. What compels me to paint these paintings are the very visceral and ephemeral moments in life, like seeing a beautiful vista for the first time, or witnessing change happen before your  eyes. I then try to capture these moments in my paintings through co lours, textures and layering of paint. 


How I Paint

I begin a lot of my paintings by a process of building, covering, scrapping and reapplying back layers of paint. By doing this, I not only build up the texture but depth as well. It is almost like carving out the image from the canvas.


My work is very much about the process. What I decide to put on and what I decide to take away is a crucial part of that painting. Even if you can not see a particular layer, it has added an intensity and compositional balance that would not be there otherwise.

Process to me is an extraordinary teacher. It teaches me about what works, what does not, what to include or omit in the paintings, but more importantly, process teaches me about how to grow and develop myself further as an artist by constantly exploring new ideas and techniques and I am constantly learning at the same time as I am painting.