Have you considered renting an original painting for your home, office or for home staging?


Ethel Voronkova offers a wide range of sophisticated original paintings that fit your style, artistic eye and budget. We offer a free professional phone or email consultation to help you choose and determine the best original piece that fit your needs. Long term and short term rental options are available as well as a lease to own option to provide you with the most personalized service and experience.

Here are the simple steps to get you started on choosing the perfect piece of Art.


Consultations are free and are available over the phone or email.

art selection

Choose from our available selection of original paintings or commission a piece. 

Commissioned paintings are still available for rent, however rental options will be custom made and could vary in percentage rate.

rental option

A small percentage rate of 7%  from the original price of the painting will be charged monthly.

A 15% deposit is required and will be refunded upon the return of the painting/s in insured quality.

After a one year rental, 5% discount off the original price of the painting will be applied when you choose to purchase the piece.

No extra charges will be applied to paintings that are leased to own.  Payment option will be negotiated upon consultation.


Installation fee may vary  depending on the rental agreement. 


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